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How to end Hernia and Related troubles?

By AdminPosted On 21-Oct-2017

If an internal part bulges into an area where it does not belongs is called hernia.   An abdomen are more prone to hernias. Hernias may also appear in the upper thigh, belly button, and groin.  In order to prevent the complications, surgery is essential.  
The famous Laparoscopic Gastro Surgeon of Hernia Surgery in Kerala is  Dr. N.P Kamalesh. He is one of the best Gastric Surgeon in Kerala.  He has performed a lot of complicated laparoscopic surgeries. 
This is the most common hernia and most probably found in women.   This is due to the push of intestine into the abdomen through a tear in the lower abdominal wall.  
In a hiatal hernia, the stomach bulges up into the chest through that opening.  There are two types of a hiatal hernia.  They are sliding and paraesophageal hernia.  This hernia is common to people whose age is more than 50.  
In this case, intestine pushes through the abdominal wall near the belly button.  It occurs in babies under six months old.  

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Strain and weakness of the muscle are the major reason behind hernias.  The weakness may be due to aging, damage from injury and failure of the abdominal wall to close properly in the womb.
Other causes are:
* Chronic constipation
* Obesity
* Smoking 
* Family history


* Feeling of a lump in the affected area
* Pain and weakness in the affected area
* Weakness and pressure
* Burning sensation 
* Chest pain
* Difficulty in swallowing
* Prevention and Diagnosis of Hernia
Since a Hernia is a lifestyle disease, changes have to be made in our life pattern apart from the treatment for the symptoms.  Dietary changes are the most important thing one should adopt.  
Avoiding large meals to stay away from this disease.  Keeping the body weight to normal range is the best preventive measure.  Avoiding foods that cause acid reflux and giving up cigarettes is good for to save yourself from hernia troubles.  
Through the physical examination, barium x-ray or an endoscopy and ultrasound hernia is diagnosed
Hernia Surgery
If the pain of a hernia is persistent, then the doctor will suggest surgery.
Open surgery and laparoscopic are the types of hernia surgeries.  Open surgery needs a long recovery time but those who had undergone laparoscopy can get back to normal life very soon.  
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