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Hernia Causing Troubles?

By AdminPosted On 06-Dec-2017

Hernia is due to the pushing of an organ through the muscle or tissue that holds it in place. Hernias are most common in abdomen, theycan also be seen in the upper thigh, belly button and groin areas.

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Types of Hernia

This type of hernia is found in woman. Through a tear in the abdominal wall, intestine is pushed into the abdomen. This is a common type of hernia.

Hiatal Hernia

If the stomach bulges up into the chest through a opening it is called hiatal hernia. It is of two types - sliding and paraesophageal hernia. This hernia is commonly seen in people having age more than 50.

Umbilical Hernia

The intestine pushes through the abdominal wall near belly button and can occur in babies under six months old.  

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Causes of Hernia

Strain and weakness of the muscle is the reason behind hernias. The weaknessis due to age, damage from injury and failure of the abdominal wallto close properly in the womb.

Risk factors of Hernia

Factors that may cause hernia, especially if your muscles are weak include:

.  Pregnancy

.  Constipation

.  Lifting heavyweight

.  Fluid in the abdomen

.  Suddenly gaining weight

.  Surgery n the area

.  Persistent coughing or sneezing

Symptoms of Hernia

.  Feeling of a lump in the affected area.

.  Pain and weakness in the affected area

.  Weakness and pressure

.  Burning sensation

.  Chest pain

.  Difficultly in swallowing

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hernia

Disease can bediagnosed using physical examination, barium x-ray or endoscopy andultrasound. Hernia is a lifestyle disease so it is better to change the life pattern along withdietary changes. Keeping the body weight to normal is also apreventive measure. Avoiding foods that cause acid reflux and givingup cigarettes is good for preventing hernia. Medication is the most common form of treatment. If the medications are failed torelieve the pain then doctor suggests for a surgery. Two type ofsurgeries are there -open surgery and laparoscopic. Open surgeryneed a long recovery time. During surgery, the bulging tissue ispushed back in and abdominal wall is strengthened with sutures.

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