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Recover Fast From Overweight

By AdminPosted On 13-May-2017

Endoscopic bariatric surgery will encompass many procedures which aim to help inthe weight loss. Primary endoscopic weight loss methods offer analternative choice for the individuals who are considering a weightloss surgery for the first time. Repair or revision surgeries are forthose who have already undergone bariatric surgery & are nowstruggling with weight regain or other complications. Endoscopic bariatric surgery will be performed with same type of device which isused for an endoscopy. A long, flexible tube which will be inserted through the mouth & along the oesophagus to reach the stomach.

Advantagesof Bariatric Surgery

  • Endoscopic bariatric surgery is safe & an effective alternate when compared to other types of bariatric surgery.
  • This method is performed from the inside of your stomach & small intestine. So there is less tissue trauma & post-surgical discomfort.
  • Healing & recovery will be much shorter with this procedure.


  • Once you go home, you will have to follow prescribed diet as discussed and suggested by the Nutritionist.
  • After the surgery, nausea can be expected usually. Normally there is minimal to no pain & the patients are able to resume their normal activities after 2 - 3 days.

Risk Factors

When you return to the hospital room after the surgery, you will beclosely and keenly monitored by the nurses. Along with the periodic monitoring of the vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, temperature & respiration, nurses will encourage & help you to do deep breathing, coughing, legs movement and exercises. These activitieswill helps to prevent the complications. Report if any other symptoms like nausea, increased pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, or shortness ofthe breath to the nurse.

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