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Treat Appendicitis And Be Pain Free

By AdminPosted On 09-Jun-2017

Appendicitis is known as inflammation of the appendix. It may be chronic or acute. Appendicitis occurs mostly between the ages of 10 and 30. Appendicitis is the most common cause of abdominal pain that needs surgery. Appendicitis can happen at any point of life and mostly more common in males than females. If Appendicitis left untreated then it may cause the appendix to burst and spread infection. This is a serious and fatal process. 

The main cause of Appendicitis is a blockage in the appendix. This blockage can further develop bacteria inside the organ that formed pus. This increased pressure also compresses local blood vessels. The low blood flow to the appendix may develop gangrene. Blockage is the basically due to the accumulation of the fecal matter. If the appendix ruptures then this fecal matter can fill the abdomen.The problem can be easily solved by approaching Dr. NP Kamalesh one of the Best Gastro Surgeon in Kerala.This condition is a medical emergency.

The other reasons of a blockage is* Enlarged lymphoid follicles* Trauma* Tumors* Worm

Instead of ruptures if the infected appendix leaks out, it can form an abscess. These limits the infection to a small walled off area. However, an abscess can still be dangerous. The pain in appendicitis may initiate as mild cramping. Over the time, it becomes more severe and steady. 

Test performed for the problem
* Urinalysis
* Pelvic bone test
* Pregnancy test
* X-rays, ultrasound, 
* CT scan

Dr.N P Kamalesh, a gastrointestinal surgeon grants you the best appendicitis treatment in Cochin.This highly professional and skilled surgeon has always aimed to meet the needs of his patients with utmost care.

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